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Sarajevo: Up the hill... a perfect getaway!

Text: Stilistica

Photography: Stilistica

Near Sarajevo there is a small house. It is perfect! Wooden furniture, rustic finishing, cozy atmosphere and a beautiful view… This house has a great layout, stunning position above the city and one of the most sophisticated interpretation of Bosnian interior design that I ever saw! još 107 riječi

Interior Design

BiH: The story of a traveling shelf: NOMADIK

Category: Product Design

Text: Mersiha Karić

Photo:  Vojkan Gostiljac

NOMADIK shelving system is designed by studio FILTER from Sarajevo, and since it’s first day it has been traveling, from exhibition to exhibition! još 399 riječi

Interior Design

Fabulous Details: Ladies' Choice

‘The more you act like a lady, the more he’ll act like a gentleman.’  – S.B.B.

Interior Design